Start a Flossing Habit Today!
 Gripit Dental Floss Holder - The Fast Easy Flossing Tool!

-  Makes flossing fast and easy - promotes happy healthy smiles,
-  Ready to use - 50 yards of dental floss is included,
-  Conveniently refilled - with your choice of floss from local stores,
-  Cuts flossing time - fresh floss advanced in seconds,
-  Reusable - does not clog land fills,
-  Improves oral hygiene - motivates daily flossing habits.

     A Gripit Dental Floss Holder is a fast easy flossing tool that motivates daily flossing habits.  Clean teeth that are brushed and flossed regularly prevent gum disease, reduce bad breath and lower dental bills.  Evidence even points to reduced incidence of heart disease
     Gripits are ready to use.  50 yards of dental floss is included with each purchase.  Gripit Floss Holders are easily refilled with dental floss or dental tape from local drug and grocery stores.  
      Flossing time is reduced because fresh floss is advanced in seconds.  Gripit Floss Holders are "Finger Friendly" too.  No more pinched fingers while trying to hold dental floss tight - more motivation for daily flossing habits.

You can reuse a Gripit Floss Holder for years.  This means Gripits do not clog land fills.  Just pop them into your dishwasher from time-to-time to be cleaned as good as new.

     Parents often use a Gripit Floss Holder for fast easy flossing of children's teeth.  They eliminate trying to get adult fingers into a child's mouth.  Seniors and people with limited dexterity find a Gripit, with its ergonomic handle, an easy-to-use flossing tool -  with one hand if need be.
     Order environmentally friendly reusable Gripits today.  They will make flossing fast and easy so daily flossing habits are established.  50 yards of dental floss is included and threaded ready to use.  Gripits provide you with happy healthy smiles for a lifetime.

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