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Gripit Floss Holder including 50 yards of floss
How A Gripit Dental Floss Holder Works
                              -  Gripit Dental Floss Holders don't clog land fills,   
                              -  They are a reusable flossing tool
                              -  50 yards of dental floss is included with each purchase,    
                              -  Your favorite floss refills a Gripit Dental Floss Holder ,  
                                                            -  Floss refills are available at local drug and grocery stores.

Gently bend your reusable Gripit Floss Holder to pop open the cover in the direction of the arrow.  Open it completely to thread floss refills.  Open it slightly  to advance fresh floss.  See #10.

1.    Place a roll of floss into your Gripit so the tail                                 8.    Make sure floss crosses the locking   
       unwinds clockwise through slot #1.  Note: Gripits                                  teeth a second time - #8.
       can also be threaded in the opposite direction.                               9.    Thread floss out the exit slot marked
2.    Make sure floss crosses the locking teeth - #2                                         #9 and snap your Gripit closed.
3.    Thread floss inside the guide - #3                                                  10.    To advance fresh floss, pop open your                             
4.    Thread floss along the prong - #4                                                            Gripit slightly to unlock the gripping                       
5.    Loop floss under the notches at the tip of the                                         teeth.  Pull the floss tail until fresh floss
       prongs - #5.                                                                                                  is in place.  Snap your Gripit closed.             
6.    Thread floss back along the other prong - #6.                                        Remove excess floss with the cutter
7.    Loop floss inside the second guide - #7.                                                 
  on the back.

 Note:  Leaving a little extra tail length, makes it easier to grip when advancing fresh floss.

      A Gripit reusable dental floss holder threaded with a floss refill available at local drug and grocery stores.  Note how floss crosses the gripping teeth two times.  After threading, just snap the cover closed and you are ready to floss.  The gripping teeth hold floss tightly.  To advance  fresh floss, open the cover just enough to unlock the gripping teeth.  Pull the floss tail until fresh floss is in place.  Snap the cover closed.  Your Gripit flossing tool is ready to make flossing fast and easy.


Gripit Floss Holder